At All Sprinkler Repair and Pump we offer a wide variety of lawn care and pump services. After calling All Sprinkler Repair we can send out a technician that same day or any day of your convenience. We offer SAME DAY service where we will diagnose the exact problem of your sprinkler system. All services provided by us are done by our fully licensed sprinkler repair technicians.


  • Filter cleaning/Replacement
  • Valve locating/Replacement
  • Raising/Lowering/Replacing heads
  • Relocating heads/pipes
  • Leak locating
  • Cleaning around heads
  • Locating Wire damaged underground 
  • Lake Screen cleaning
  • 100% Coverage check
  • Coverage checks

Customizing Services


  • Low Volume Drip Systems
  • Drip Emitters to Pots
  • Bubblers to key trees
  • Cement Donut installation
  • Wireless Rain Sensor
  • Hose Bibs/Spickets
  • Timer with Remote
  • Rust Injector System
  • Valve Boxes for easy access
  • 6” & 12” Upgraded Pop-up Heads (4” Standard)​

Additional Services


  • Reclaim Hookups
  • French Drain Systems
  • Solid ADS Drain Systems
  • Rust Injector System
  • Capping heads for addition/construction
  • Sleeves under Driveway/Walkways
  • Landscape Lighting
  •  Shallow Wells or Deep Wells
  • Pumps of all Brands/Sizes
  • Pump Start Relay
  • Pressure Tank/Switch/Gauge
  • Control Box